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Past life readings:

David and Wendy have been delighting people with their past life readings at MInd Body Spirit Shows for the last 7 years, showing how the past lives link with the current life and healing any issues found. A common response is, "you've answered all the questions I've always asked about my life!"

Now David is pleased to offer this service over the internet by email or by skype. He will also be in person at various venues in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

A reading may:
explain repeated patterns in your life
show your focus or purpose in life
release any trauma that still affects you

The reading may clarify current relationships with your:
ex partners
brothers and sisters
work colleagues
...you may have been enemies, betrayed each other, lovers, etc over many life times.

You may have contracts still with you from past lives such as:
oaths of poverty or deafness taken when you where a monk
vows of servitude to your master (do you know that person now?)
...and if so, where they came from and why.

You may still carry past life traumas associated with:
wealth – perhaps people stole from you
poverty – there’s never enough
war – feelings of hopelessness going into battle and the feelings are still deep within you.

You might find previous deaths that are associated with current fears such as:
past life drowning will contribute to a fear of water
previous death in a plane crash contributes to a fear of flying
death in a mine creating a fear of enclosed spaces

 order your past life reading by email

Email Past Life Readings now only £25, that's 50% off the usual price.
Please pay via Paypal and then email David (david.lowe@hotmail.co.uk) to give further information if appropriate.
Please allow a couple of days for this work to be completed.

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 order your past life reading by phone, facetime or skype

Skype, facetime or phone Past Life Readings now only £50 for 45 minutes.
Please contact David (email: david.lowe@hotmail.co.uk) to agree a date and time.
To pay by Paypal, please click here: