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Explore your past lives:

past lives Some people believe that Past Life Therapy is now becoming an essential step in the spiritual advancement of humanity. Past Life Therapy can rapidly bring about beneficial change, amaze and astonish you. Past Life Therapy may be Past Life Regression or Past Life Readings but it always includes a discussion and healing of the past life.

Some people are just fascinated to know who and what they were in Past Lives but until they actually have a Past Life Regression or a Past Life Reading, they are unaware how strong or uncomfortable feelings can continue through many lifetimes until resolved.

This website is for anyone with an interest in Past Lives, whether you are hesitant or a confirmed believer. Please peruse the pages of the website for interesting information about past lives, karma, reincarnation, past life regression or past life readings and maybe consider an appointment to find out for yourself.

We are qualified Hypnotherapists with the World Federation of Hypnotherapists, Wendy has also trained to do Past Life regression with Ursula Markham. Wendy is also a member of the Past Life Therapists Association. A book about Edgar Cayce, the famous psychic who gave thousands of Past Life Readings, opened our eyes to Past Lives and made us realise how a past life in Rome affected Wendy as a child. She always had recurring dreams of being chased by lions and tigers or of coming home from school to find the porch was now a massive gateway to an arena that she was terrified to approach. She was too young to understand what this represented. She didn't know about Roman arenas and Christians being fed to the lions.

There is the conventional method of Past Life Therapy called Past Life Regression, where you are taken into a past life by hypnosis to visualise or experience it in some way. With the light of new information, you can bring about changes in your outlook and with my abilities and knowledge, we can heal significant past life events. I have been practising Past Life Regression since 1996.

Then there is the exciting and rapid method of Past Life Therapy. We developed the ability for this in 2007. This involves a psychic Past Life Reading. We access information and 'see' a past life relevant to your current life issues. We use a form of muscle testing like kinesiology to check the facts with your subconscious mind. The purpose is to heal traumatic or uncomfortable feelings that still affect you today. More about this in 'History'.

Past life treatments:

Treatments may be in person or by telephone. You can book by email or by telephone and pay by paypal if you choose to do so. The cost is 60 per session. If you choose to have a past life regression rather than a past life reading and are stressed at work or in your relationships or have some other ongoing psychological problem, it is recommended to have a separate treatment session to clear your issues first. Severe mental or emotional stress may affect your ability to deeply relax enough to access past life memories. The cause of severe stress is often found to be childhood and genetic trauma. Genetic issues and trauma from Past Life events usually coincide.

During a Past Life Regression we take over an hour to access one or more past lives. At the end of it we heal the past lives found. The session lasts about an hour and a half. In past life readings you may want to tell me what issues you are facing in your life, be it fears, lack of confidence or difficult relationships. Then we search for the relevant past lives and heal them. One lady said, "What you told me about my past lives answered all the questions I have been asking for the last 30 years"

past lives Where our subconscious feelings and expectations are at odds with our conscious beliefs, we are in conflict with ourselves. Sometimes this results in physical illness, sometimes in neuroses, always self sabotage. These signs serve us to show that there is a deeper problem. Dulling the symptoms with drugs simply delays the resolution of the problem. Even when this behaviour can be traced from childhood experiences it is common for people to be annoyed with themselves, squashing their feelings as they do not understand how the subconscious mind functions. Some people have found their emotional issues instantly resolved simply by a greater understanding of themselves; accepting for the self, love and compassion, previously denied. Others need to rid themselves of traumatic feelings and build self confidence and self assurance.

Past Life regression may reveal a life with different experiences and lessons, which have never been fully understood and which may still hold an emotional charge or trauma. There are various ways to release those emotions so that you can move on. Emotions of guilt, fear, poverty, worthlessness can make you miserable and very likely they may not even be deserved. From every experience we have, we draw conclusions about the world or our situation. This is then our belief. However, why did we attract that experience? What is so different about us to bring that into our lives? According to the Laws of Attraction, we attract the vibration that we give out. For example we feel unworthy so we attract events to prove it. The subconscious loves to be proven correct and could be saying, 'I told you I wasn't worthy and now look what's happened!'

Imagine a baby developing in the mother's womb. There is no thinking brain but the baby does have a consciousness, an awareness or feelings. It is aware of and influenced by the feelings of the mother but it also has feelings inherited through the ancestors via the genes and when the Soul comes in, it has the feelings from significant past lives too.

It is those feelings that affect its perceptions as soon as it is born. The perceptions, (in other words: the way we see the world; the way we accept information), is what creates our belief system. For example, 'The world is dangerous'; 'Life is a struggle'; 'No one supports me': You may know that one or maybe both of your parents felt the same way. This feeling is not just learned but genetic. The feeling is likely to also come from a parallel pathway of your past lives.

The body has an innate intelligence, which enables us to use a method of muscle testing to check the memories and information held in the subconscious mind. We can also ascertain beliefs and confirm when they have been changed. We may use Theta Healing or Reference Point Therapy. Hypnotherapy is an alternative way to create changes to your subconscious.

When we have found out about the past life which is relevant to you at this time, we can study the effects on you and change them if this is what you want. A client with a solitary lifestyle, had lived several lifetimes in isolation from his family and friends; another client, who felt that he was an embarrassment to his father had at least two lifetimes with the same entity (person) in different roles but still feeling an embarrassment to him.

Past life healing:

Healing is also performed for you during the session. Where appropriate for each past life we:
* released unresolved traumas experienced
* integrated the knowledge and wisdom from the life
* cleared curses, terminated oaths and vows
* released any karmic relationships found
* cleared obligations to test unconditional love
* retrieved lost soul fragments and released soul fragments of others

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Did you ever wonder who you were in past lives?

Did you ever wonder about reincarnation?

Where do we go between past lives?

Would you like to know more about Past Life Karma?

Are you tempted with a Past life Reading or with Past Life Regression?

Do you ever have strange dreams, where you are male instead of female or vice versa?

Do you have behaviour patterns that are damaging to you or your relationships?

Do you want to understand your life better and fill in the pieces of the jigsaw ?

Are past lives fact or fiction?

Now you have the opportunity to judge for yourself.


"What you told me about my past lives answered all the questions I have been asking for the last 30 years". Shirley H.

hi wendy just a line to say I've added you to my website links. id like to thank you for the treatment its had a big impact on me already. its opened up new parts to my life . thanks once again and hope to chat to you again soon . love n light ray (healingrays)

Hi Wendy Just had a thought. Last night as I was watching tv, I started feeling an intense sensation in both my hands, as if I were running Reiki or Quantum energy. It was really intense and itching at the same time. I placed my hands on the crown of my head for a long time, moving them when I got tired. This lasted for a long time (maybe an hour or so) and I kept switching from one place to another. I can't recall ever having such an intense feeling without working on someone else. I wonder if it could be related to Saturday, or maybe my body required extra energy at that time. Whatever the reason, I enjoyed it. Feelings like that are proof to me that there is far more to life than the bit we see or experience. Love and light Daeana

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